Haunted Highlands - C&C Fantasy Grounds

Game Session 1/10/19

The negotiations with Brack continued as the harbor master tried to intimidate the party. Aihdan expressed his displeasure with negotiating under duress and being held hostage by Brack and his lackeys. The discussions continued over a glass of strong liquor provided by Brack. The party pushed back. Horimato explained that the party needed to be fully prepared for what lies ahead of them. Brack softened his position, returned Hoirmato’s medallion, and they shook hands on the agreement.
Brack Snagtooth, Harbor Master and Sailor
Brack explained that Shanty Town needed “Herman”, a locally named lake serpent who patrolled the Eastern shores of Lake Veyona to be killed. This would open the lake for more trade ships, allow refuges to move freely and without fear, and would provide an opportunity for the Port of Irusa to be re-built and re-opened. The port is of strategic importance to the Duke and allows for an aea to quickly gather troops and materials for a counterattack.

Port Irusa, was destroyed by the orcs as they moved quickly down the Ewar River. The port, town, and islands are now mist covered, disease ridden, choked by dust and fumes, and are populated by a variety of malevolent creatures including undead. Jarian, a Watcher and devote follower of Vanium the fearless is our contact and is located East of Irusa.


Tobbar, Captain of the Dire Gar
Tobbar, captain of the Dire Gar was quick to get the ship prepared for the short voyage.  The Dire Gar is a larger and faster ship with (2) ballista for defense. The trip to Port Irusa could take as few as 4 hours, depending on how favorable the winds are for the journey.

We posted watched on the ship and the ballistae were manned, while keeping an eye out for Herman. Barrels of pig parts were positioned as the stern of the ship to distract Herman with a meal as a last resort. The creature did not show as the ship south of port and then moved quickly north to East of Irusa.

The port area and island were showed in a mist/fog. Once on shore, Zanyr’s picked up some footprints and some obvious signs purposely built to direct us to Jarian. Jarian establish a full camp with above average accommodations and a fire for cooking and heat. Various wards were placed around the camp which provide a level of protection and alarm. The party felt safe at the camp.

Next morning the party moved into Irusa. Jarian mentioned the Norther Wall, the Cemetery, several areas with rocks placed in circles, a ruined temple in town, a temple on Anarchist island, and the docks and port area. The party decided to move towards the temple area on the west side of town.



Jarian, Watcher of Vanium The Fearless

 Jarian walks with a distinct limp, this occurred from a leg injury which never healed properly








Temple Ruins and Were Rat Fighters

The burned out temple has no roof and there are marshes areas around the stone edifice. Zanyr’r picked up some booted as well as large rat tracks and that’s when a group of were rats with multiple short swords attacked.


Game Session 12/27

The party returned to the Outcast Armory to finish up additional business with Grundic. Belferon negotiated a price for a masterwork suit of chain mail and made a down payment. Jerrik located and purchased a masterwork suit of studded leather. The armor was lighter and stronger than standard studded. Shard and Belferon each have active contracts with Grundic with delivery promised in 6 days.

The decision was made to stay at the Bleeding Sword in the Garden District. They had a few drinks, did some gambling and came out slightly ahead as the odds were in the players favor. The next morning the party left the Garden District and headed south looking for a port area known as Shanty Town.

Shanty town is located on the shores of Lake Veyona and was built using materials left over from the war. This gives the entire town a grim, aged, and dilapidated look. The area is crowded with merchants, traders, refugees, deserters, brigands, sailors and a host of tradesman all packed into a few acres of land.

As the party moved through Shanty Town, Jerrik picked up Thieves Cant rhyming and signaling in the crowd indicating the party was being targeted for an ambushed near the dock area.

A number individuals in the crowd had top hats and traveled in groups of 2 or 3. A quick stop in an inn allowed for a cool drink and some discussion with the inn keeper.

Our business was with the dock master and harbor union if we wanted to find Tobbar the captain of the Dire Gar. A few quick moves near the docks and Horimato found that his medallion of inspiration was missing. It happened lightning fast with a high level of skill.

A passerby let Horimato know that a “deal could be made”. Horimato followed and pressed the informant for information only to find out he was paid a few coppers to deliver the message. The deal would need to take place with Brack Snagtooth in the harbor union building.

Brack is rough sailor, ship builder, and owns the Shanty Town docks. He is in possession of Horimato’s medallion of inspiration and is negotiating a deal with the party.  Tobbar owes 30 gold in taxes and duty before his ship will be released. Brack is also interested in having the party take on an important task. 

The Dire Gar:


Game Session 12/13 - Road Assault

The attack was on a well-traveled trade route to Dro Mandras. A group of Gnolls and Jackals with Black Claw tribe markings attacked the 3-wagon caravan. The battle quickly turned out poorly for the gnolls as the last 3 gnolls fled from the battle.

A quick looting of the bodies and the party was back on the road. Approaching the western tower and security gate of Dro Mandras revealed a horrendous sight. The clean-up of a failed wall assault by a sizable assault team. At first view range weapons and high-level offensive magic was used to cut down and fuse the orcs, goblins, gnolls, and giant into grotesque contorted smoldering figures. There was no breach on the tower, gate, or walls protecting the Garden District. With the raised security level our group was approached by several sentries, asking our names and nature of our business. Shard and Sujal spoke with the sentries and a quick reference of Roskenbled and a reveal of their medallions was all that was needed for a quick escort into the District.

Captain Beneo

We immediately met with Captain Beneo and delivered the materials outlined in the manifest and travel writ signed by Roskenbled. Beneo invited us into the ground level of the defense tower. There we reported the gnoll attack and discovered that Beneo had a message for Aihdan and the party. It was a message from Sir Marshall Handkopf a high ranking Paladin and Elder of Vanium the Fearless. The message requested our assistance on the east side of Dro Mandras. The party agreed to the request and asked Beneo for details.

Marshall Handkopf Letter


Beneo explained that Sir Handkopf required assistance on the Eastern shore of Lake Veyona east of the destroyed port city of Irusa. Head to the refugee village locally known as Shanty Town which north of Castle Karbosk and look up a person by the name of Tobbar, he is an able captain of a fishing/transport ship called The Dire Gar.

The party decided to visit the Outcast Armory owned by Grundic a renowned armor and weapon smith. Grundic was gruff, smelled of soot and embers, and initially did not show the party the time of day. After a few minutes of negotiations Shard and Grundic came to an agreement on the re-sizing of the oversize breastplate. It will take Grundic 6 days and 750 gold to resize the breastplate and Shard agreed to return the dwarven funeral coins to their proper resting location.

Grundic The Outcast


Game Session 11/29/18
Twilight Outpost

Game Session November 29, 2018

Horimato, Jerrik, Belferon, Shard, Zanyr’, and Sujal.

The encounter west of Twilight outpost continued against a dozen orc archers and the last remaining hill giants. Horimato was heavily injured and disengaging from battle. Shard moved in to assist with healing. The party made short order of the remaining assault troops as Belferon, Jerrik, Sujal, and Zanyr’ were hitting consistently and scoring heavy damage.

As the last orc archer submitted meekly to Belferon, a large winged creature was heard above the tree tops makings its way towards Twilight Outpost. The rhythmic beat of large wings accompanied by a tree shaking roar resulted in an alarm being raised at the outpost.

The group ran to assist the outpost defenders.  The creature was roughly 15’+ long, with large wings and a small reddish humanoid rider. The creature circled the outpost at a height of 100’+ and shocked the fort with earth shattering roars which sapped the strength out of the defenders. After server circles over the outpost the creature flew off to the north.

There was no physical attack at the outpost other than the strength sapping roar that rendered 60% of the outpost defenders prone and disorientated, including Sir Roskenbled. The effect took a few hours to shake off. 

Roskenbled commented - “that was a reconnaissance flyover to assess the fort defenses and most likely linked to the giant attack. Our arrows barely touched the creature at that height. The rider was the outlaw goblin known as Firewalker. There is a 2K gold bounty on his head dead or alive. The creature was a yellowish orange metallic color with a large lion head and mane and looked like it belonged to the dragon family”.  “I would like to move these weapons, armor, and other resources you acquired to Dro Mandras as soon as possible and not have them here”

The group agreed. The group rested for 8-hours as 3 wagons were prepared for travel. Roskenbled documented and signed the shipment manifest and asked we deliver this load to Captain Beneo at the Western Gate of the Garden District of Dro Mandras.

There was a mix of items found with the orcs and hill giants. Additional weapons, a map, 2 low-level spell book pages, a mix of random household items, sacks of flour, a 4 volume books set on Vanium the Fearless and a long Sword with the symbol of Vanium from Bewic Tower. 

Several items in the party inventory were identified: several giant strength potions, several potions of invisibility, and a named silver short sword with elvish markings and the name Netherbane with a +2 enchantment and silver properties. 

Roskenbled thank and paid the group with 5 ingots of Usmeshti steel from the cache we found. This steel is hard to work with but has excellent properties for weapon and armor manufacturing. Roskenbled mentioned that Grundic at the Outcast Armory has the skill but he is a testy old dwarf, approach him carefully and leave Shard at home.

The party set out with 3 wagons and stuck to the road due to the age of the horses pulling the wagons. The horses were slow but steady on the improved trail. 3 hours into the travel a pack of jackals rushed and circled the lead wagon and the horses stopped dead in their tracks. The jackals were accompanied by Gnolls from the Black-Claw tribe. A battle ensued as the horses and wagons were steadied by each driver as additional foes appeared in the brush north and south of trail. We broke for the night.  


Game session 10/18/18
Defending Twilight Outpost

Game Session 10/18

Day 1 & 2 at Twilight Outpost:

Analysis of the bodies confirmed the party killed four (4) orc captains. Bounties totaling 2,000 gp were approved for distributed to the party. The death of these captains is a serious blow to the division assigned to the lands west of Dro Mandras river. The party had several days while waiting for trainers to arrive from Dro Mandras.

Shard spent time recharged a wand, and Hodi created 2-mana potions over the course of 7+ days. Zanyr’ and Sujal were asked by Roskenbled to conduct a complete search of an orc/goblin camp located 5 days early north of the outpost. 

This search and reconnaissance mission resulted in the following:

  • The camp was a cold camp and they were there no less than 2 days
  • Weathered tracks, with a count of 10 or fewer individuals were found.
  • (2) sets of Wagon tracks – both west of camp – one set cut deeper than the other.
  • Rocks found 50’ west of camp under brush, formed a 15’ circle – skull size rocks – wagon tracks end or start near rock circle.
  • Heavy fabric partially buried near camp, goblin skull crushed wrapped inside–crude drawing look like tribe pennant or standard.
  • Rocks were chiseled shaped and most likely used as ammunition for launching
  • Pennant /standard found same image recognized during goblin hill giant encounter
  • Aihdan and Belferon each claimed a war horse and trained in riding over the 9 days.

Day 3 – 9 at Twilight

Rest, healing, equipment repairs, and training took place over a week. Horimato, Kellan, and Zanyr received full trained in their respective classes at Twilight and it took a little less than the normal full week to complete.

Day 9+

While meeting with Roskenbled an alarm sounded in camp, with several large crashes in and around the compound.  Groups of 3 to 4 rocks were being launched from the west woods at Twilight. Roughly half of the rocks hit the outpost, with the rest falling short, wide, or long. Launch angles were not consistent and several volleys were well off target. Those rocks inflicted damage to building, tents, and soldiers.

Horimato, Sujal, Hodi, Shard, Zanyr’, Jerrik, and Belferon investigated the wood west of twilight while the remaining party stayed in camp. Probing the west woods revealed several orc archer groups, several goblin groups and 3 hill giants using large slings to launch stones at twilight (Olympic Hammer Throw style).

A battle ensued as the goblin groups engaged with short swords. The orc archers and larger bred goblins were well trained and worked well as a team. Orcs used long bows and the goblins attacked twice with short swords, an awkward but effective 2-handed attack. It was impossible to flank or rear attack these groups. The brutish hill giants were strong and punched their way through the party. The giants were not all that bright. The battle raged several rounds and as it wound down the party was cleaning up the last of the orcs and goblins and the lone giant and we ended for the night.


Game Session 10/4/2018 - Cleared Mine, Debrief at Twilight Outpost

Game Session 10/4 – Senzir Mine Cleared, Reporting back to Twilight Outpost.

The party rested and prepared for the trip back to Twilight Outpost. The weapon and material cache was moved from the mines and was evenly distributed between two wagons. Aihdan was able to coax the war horses into being harnessed to a wagon. These magnificent creatures required a rider to settle them down and to pull the wagons at a safe movement rate. The party started the trip to Twilight.

With decent weather and favorable terrain, good progress was made and night came quickly. The decision was made for a cold camp which was anchored to a large tree in the area. The horses were tied off, the wagons stowed, and a meal was consumed. Cold rations consisted of salted meats, cheese, crackers, and dried fruit as the party discussed their recent accomplishments.

Several hours into the night distant howls were heard by Jerrik and Horimato. In a short period of time, the howls gave way to the sound of heavy creatures pushing through the thick grass and brush west of the camp. The sounds did not advance on the camp but seemed to stall just west of camp. There was sufficient time to wake the party, secure the horses, and set a defensive position. The horses caught wind of the creatures and expressed their irritation. Aihdan instinctively released the horses.

A pack of muscular wolves moved in and attacked from the west. They were 4’ at the shoulder and had iron like jaws which could easily send an opponent tumbling. Hodi cast a light spell to help during the fight and Kellan was positioned in the tree to get a better vantage point on the attackers. The number of attackers topped out at 9. Most of the attack came from the east were the wolves moved in close to camp using stealth.

Shard was able to identify the creatures as Alpha Worg. The war horses attacks on the wolves were impressive to watch. Eventually 8 of 9 Worg went down. The last Worg escaped damage, moved NE into the dark at a full run. The creatures were skinned and pelts were loaded on the wagon.

The next morning the party entered twilight outpost around 10am. A conference with Roskenbled and Bruel took place right away.

Twilight Outpost Debrief:
Met with Roskenbled and Bruel.

  • Kellan prepared a written report on the mine exploration and what was encountered.
  • Outpost – Minimal manpower remains. Most rotated to the East & West watch towers.
  • Outpost – experienced recent damage from 2 small probing attacks – orcs and goblins.
  • Report – The East & West towers have received damage and enemy ground activity is increasing.
  • Report – a taller race of goblins was encountered near the watch towers, they excel at range attacks and work in coordinated groups
  • Report – several harpies and a larger unidentified flying creature buzzed the watch towers, no attacks.
  • Roskenbled – scouts  confirmed the following kills at Temple Taxus and Senzir Mine

    • Confirmed – Captain Gnurl, The Axe Master, 3rd legion orc, Temple Taxus
    • Confirmed – Shaman Lukoko, Gathaak spiritual leader 3rd legion orc, Temple Taxus
    • Confirmed – Captain Drog, specialized fighter, 3rd legion orc, Temple Taxus
    • Confirmed – Gnoll Thurguln’ask, ranger, Black Claw Tribe, Senzir Mine
    • Confirmed – Bone Shaman, Daraz-vizan, Nartarus spiritual leader, Lower Mine area
  • Dro Mandras – followers of Vanium the Fearless hold the Central Bastion in East Dro Mandras. There is lucrative but dangerous work in East Mandras.
  • Dro Mandras – dire need of weapons and material cache you captured. Job open to escort material to town and deliver to City watch.
  • Report – Bull reports humanoid and undead activity increasing around Bowbes Roadhouse. Trolls are become an issue, possible work.
  • Report – Alpha Warg pelts in good shape, brand was found on right hind leg, Black Claw Tribe Brand clear on 2 animals, assumed on all. Likely trained.
  • Aihdan Report request – Bewic tower, orc activity moderate, report is several weeks old. Several followers of Vanium reported to be holed up in hills near Bewic tower, but no physical sightings.
  • Training– Zanyr, Hormimato, and Kellan have sufficient experience to train. 2 day wait on trainers traveling from Dro Mandras.
  • Outpost Alchemy and Brewing resources – add 1 day if brewing potions, recharging wands, due to crude conditions.
Game Sessions - 7/19 - 8/2

Game Session July 19, 26, and August 2nd
This summary covers 3 game sessions.
The Senzir mine complex is slowly giving up its secrets as the party probes, explores, and destroys the creatures populating this evil tainted labyrinth. We destroyed 2 skull traps which appeared to have lessened the shadow effect and darkness within the mine. Evil still abounds here, but magical and torch light is cutting deeper into the darkness.
The earlier orc shouts and feeble horse sounds coming from the northern mine tunnel resulted in our heroes destroying several soldiers supported by skeletons. To our amazement we discovered and released (3) Rhodensian war horses being held in the mine. This is no place for magnificent beasts like these. The horses are in poor condition with respiratory issues and are now under the care of Aihdan. Aihdan moved the horses into the mine camp for fresh air, food, sunshine, and clean water. It is not known who owns these horses or their whereabouts.
Searching to the end of northern tunnel revealed a cave that sloped down from the main mine level. The narrow passage leading down was a concern for the group but after 100’ it opened into a larger less confining cavern. What was initially thought to be a full lower level turned out to be 2 medium size caverns. The western cavern held the body of a large snake-like creature with a hideous human head. Kellan inspected the body and determined the body had been feasted on at some point. Kellan also found 2 large bore holes in the snaked head which most likely accounted for the death, oh and the creatures brain was not to be found.
Strewn about the cavern was were gold, copper, and silver coins – all random and without any sense of concern. While collecting the coins Shard discovered 2 oversized elliptical platinum coins with a dwarf portrait on one side and a word or name scribed on the other. Shard immediately recognized these as dwarven funeral coins. These coins are created when a family member passes and the coins are placed over the deceased eyes as they are interned. They are not meant to see the light of day once placed. Shard safely stowed the coins in his backpack to determine the next course of action.
The eastern cavern revealed the creatures eating the snake-like creature, a small group of low level demonic creatures resembling bloated humanoids, known as Manes demons. They fought using claws and bites but their most lethal attack was when they were killed and their body release a spray of acidic poison requiring those within 10’ to take action.
After the lower cavern was search the party moved back up to the main level and moved west to explore more of the open mine tunnels. A chance encounter with an undead rat swarm bursting from a narrow passage, and Shard found himself surrounded and swarmed by rats. Take ongoing physical and draining damage Hodi cast a light spell on the swarm which then allowed Shard an opportunity to case searing light when the swarm disengaged – this sent the swarm packing.
Shard searched the walls in this area and feel confident he has found a shifting or secret cave wall. We ended for the night. 

Game Session 6/21/18 - Treasure & Traps

Trouble, Treasure and Traps.

The black chest discoved by Shard was carefully inspected by Jerrik.  He was certain the heavy wood and iron black box was locked and trapped. A distinct keyhole and 2 skull engravings stood out on the face of the chest. After several minutes Jerrik determined the skull engravings were critical to opening the chest and perhaps deactivating the trap. With assistance from Horimato, he pushed in the skulls with a resounding click and Jerrik was able to pick the lock as both heroes sweated out the possibility of a trap going off in their faces.

The results were a nice stash of items. Elven chain, a sword and scabbard, a unique cut dusty pink stone, a potion, and boots were neatly placed into this chest. Several items had magical auras and Hodi correctly deduced the unique cut stone to protect the user while in combat. The stone flies around the user as to almost be invisible and it provides some AC protection. The soft green/brown boots were also claimed by Hodi. The remaining items would require identification after some rest and time.

Exploring the mine resulted in a tiresome task of moving through many narrow winding tunnels, checking for secret door, that ended mainly in dead ends. After some discussion the group returned to the skull / dagger trap and tried a new tactic on the trap. Jerrik stripped off all metal and approached the trap, so far so good. The discolored 6" circle on the ground turned out to be a disk made of some heavy glass and silver but very thin but with what appeared to be a metallic fluid inside. Upon hitting the disk with heavy rock, the disk shattered, the fluid ran out and turned black and into a tarry solid.  After some testing it was determined the trap was deactivated.

At this point several dark orcs attacked in the narrow intersecting tunnels that contained the trap. After a brief battle the orcs were dispatched and we broke for the night.



Game Session 6/14

Game Session 6/14 – A Much Needed Fallback

The swarm of translucent undead rats was unrelenting, fluid, and covered the mine tunnel wall to wall. Silent and invisible the swarm attacked Belferon and Horimato with bites and claw damage that took a physical toll and sapped their strength.  Physical attacks on the swarm inflicted damage but did little to deter the 100’s of small rats making up the swarm.

Bel recommended rushing to the mine entrance and getting out into the open air. It was morning and the strong sunshine from outside while not entering the mine was still a welcome sight and might deter the swarm. Dashing for the mine entrance Bel and Horimato called out their position and situation to the rest of the group.

The remaining members moved quickly to the mine entrance. Over the din of the insect buzzing in the several members heard guttural shouts and calls. Jerrik and Zanyr’ made out some of the Orc Calls – “You filthy Beast”, Eat you old #*@%”. Several did hear a distinct horse whinny or two in concert with the orc shouts. Shard felt 50% confident these calls came from the Northern tunnel.

As Shard moved to the mine entrance he was engulfed by the near invisible rat swarm, taking both physical and strength sapping damage. Channeling the power of this deity Shard attempted to turn the swarm. The swarm stopped dead in it tracks, and Shard could see that the translucent swarm moved quickly into the western tunnel away from Shard.

The group make their way to the mine camp. Several party members were heavily damaged, sapped of strength and looks like they were ready to collapse. The party established a watch, rested for 2 hours, and gained some much-needed arcane and divine powers back. After resting, healing, and gaining some strength the party entered the mine and focused their attention on the first western tunnel.

This tunnel was not to be a tunnel at all, but presented the party with another log wall and a leathery door  made of stretched skin. This door was not etched with a skull, was unlocked, had no magic on it, and was opened as Belferon entered the cavern. The cavern was similar to the cavern with the cache but the barrels, crates, and boxes were in disarray and many if not all were damaged, and opened. Debris was piled all around the place. 

Exploring the cavern boxes and crates resulting in stirring up trouble, trouble in the form of (4) scarecrows placed in an around the debris in the room. As the scarecrow battle unfolded a Necrophidius, a skeletal snake-like construct with a human head and burning red eyes came out of a 2’ wide hole and began their hypnotic dance. This changed the dynamics of the battle for a few seconds and Horimato and Kellan were hypnotized. Then Hodi successfully stopped the dancing construct and broke the hypnotic trance, with a gaze spell of his own. The scarecrows however, continued the battle hitting with devastating punches that inflicted damage and sapped stamina. All the creatures in this room fought to the end.

Once the battle concluded Shard caught sight of a large dark chest with skeletal images carved into the box. The party decided to re-group in the room, take stock of their wounds, and we ended for the night.

Game Session 6/7 - Weapon Cache and Nether Orcs

Game Session 6/7 – Weapons, Orcs, and Rats

The weapons and item cache was larger than anticipated. The group took inventory on the weapons and items they located in the Eastern cavern off the mine entrance. A mix of armor, weapons, ammunition, and other items was cataloged and added to inventory.

The total weight was estimated at over one ton. Several of the specialty items including the expert crafted arrows and the specialty weapons were selected by the group.



The group pulled together and ventured back to the North West tunnel off the main entrance. Jerrik and Shard noticed some light etching and drawings on the northern walls. Kellan made a closer inspection and discovered humanoid drawings, most likely orcs. They appeared to be in an organized military alignment and the larger and smaller drawing most likely indicated rank versus physical size.

A low grinding sound like stone on stone was heard by the group, stopped and then heard again. It was impossible to pinpoint the location due to the echo and construction of the mine.

Exploring the tunnel the group was engaged and assaulted by a small group of Dark or Nether orcs. It became clear these were the same orcs that were encountered in the temple and required a special blessing in order to damage them in battle. Hodi made good use of magic missile on the orcs and the Bless spell from Shard allowed hits to take full damage.

Moving along to a junction the group make a slow turn north to a very narrow passage. Another small shrine consisting of a skull and dagger was located. A quick test with a thrown dagger indicated it had a strong electrical charge around it.

An attempt to knock over the skull and bury the area in stones was not able to eliminate the electrical danger. The next thought was to lay down a number of metallic items around the skull to attract the charges. Horimato and Belferon returned to the weapons cache and each carried back 5 breastplates moving at an encumbered speed. Entering the NW tunnel they were attacked by a large carpet of translucent skeletal rats that swarmed while they attacked.

The rat swarm was silent and near invisible in the mine. Horimato and Belferon called out attracting their comrades as they made their way to the mine entrance.

We broke for the night


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