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Day 13 - Crossroad Ambush

Crossroads Ambush

The battle between the skull horns and our heroes continued for several minutes at the crossroads. Skull Horns are quick, difficult to track, can move silent, rely on toxins to wear down their victims, and are arrogant and over confident while fighting. This usually results in to a winner take all conclusion to the encounter. Skull Horns never surrender.

The Skull Horns were trading blows with the group, till Belferon  find the range with his 2-handed sword. Each hit took a devastating toll on the intended target. One attacker retrieved a horn from his belt and blew out several notes resulting in the Skull Horns lining up in formation.

The next round a goblin with a white skull on black banner appeared on the rise followed by a large hulking figure. The hulking figure was dressed in simple rags, with a large stone in his hand. The Hill giant proceeded to throw stones at the group and those stones found their mark. Horimato tried to deflect a stone but it caught him square in the head. The fighters move forward to engage the Hill Giant in melee just as a dark skinned human cleric appeared over the rise.

After providing healing to the hill giant, the cleric was really a non-factor in the fight. He did not fully engage with many spells, seemed a bit lost, and he went down quickly as did the hill giant. Several members took heavy damage but Shard used his CLW wand in battle, combined with healing from Hodi.

The bodies were searched and it became clear that the assassins intended target was our very group. Scattered and poorly written notes revealed several of our names, as well as deeds related to the temple we cleared, and some recent travel notes. The contract work was requested by Fire Walker, our old nemesis and it appeared the 1,400-odd gold and small gems we found on the bodies was part of the contract down payment – sweet revenge.

The group healed a bit, rested for some time, and took in some food and water then continue towards the hills to locate the Senzir Valley. Night came quickly in the hills and camp was made with a small warming fire. A few hours before day break a light to moderate rain began to fall. With Jerrik and Aidhan on watch several undead skeletons wandering into came, heavy with mud. Other than one lucky critical hit that broke several of the Paladin’s ribs the skeletons were dispatched very quickly. Shard turned the last 3 skeletons without hesitation. The Paladin’s broken ribs are a concern and make movement and breathing difficult. We ended for the night.


Sounds like a good fight, sorry I missed the session. I take it simple healing may not fix the paladin’s broken ribs? Or did we even try that yet? If not, the temple of Taxus isn’t too far, I don’t think.

Hmm… It might be worth taking a little trip to pay a visit to that Fire Walker before we continue on wards. Belferon would hate for another group of assassins to find us again and be attacking us from behind while we’re trying to assault their mining operation. I have a feeling that in itself will be a very risky job to do.

Do we know where Fire Walker is at? Or at least do we remember where we fought him at previously? That would probably be a good place to start. Anyone else have any thoughts? Ideas? Suggestions?

Day 13 - Crossroad Ambush

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